The Star Spot is proud to be working with the following organizations:

The Canadian Space Society

CanadianSpaceSociety-Logo The Canadian Space Society (CSS) is a national non-profit organization made up of professionals and enthusiasts pursuing the human exploration and development of the Solar System and beyond. Its principal objective is to stimulate the Canadian space industry through its technical and outreach projects and promote the involvement of Canadians in the development of space.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Toronto Center

Toronto-Centre-Logo The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Toronto Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering education and outreach in the community. We’re a group of amateurs and professionals who are bound together by our love of science and astronomy and we want to share that love with everyone. Every month we offer public star parties, professional lectures and many other events. We also operate Canada’s largest telescope at the David Dunlap Observatory. Our members get to enjoy our dark sky observatory in Collingwood as well. Check us out at

The Astronomy and Space Exploration Society

ASX logo - white The Astronomy & Space Exploration Society (ASX) is a non-profit organization run by the University of Toronto space community, in Ontario, Canada. ASX’s purpose is to educate, excite, and inspire students, professionals, and the general public about astronomy and space. ASX’s signature event is the annual ‘Expanding Canada’s Frontiers’ Symposium, which has attracted an audience of up to 1400 people in a single event. Other events include the Stalk Talk lecture series and Observing Nights. Topics of discussion have covered various facets of space, such as ‘Mars and Beyond’, ‘The Search for Life’, ‘Cosmology from the Stratosphere’, and ‘Space Business’.

The Planetary Society, Toronto Chapter

PlanetaryLogo For three decades, The Planetary Society has empowered nearly a million members to play a personal role in the great adventure of space exploration through advocacy, projects, and education. With the support of international membership we sponsor novel and innovative projects that seed further exploration. Being the World’s largest space exploration team, dedicated to exploring the solar system and seeking life beyond Earth, The Planetary Society is non-governmental and nonprofit and is funded by the support of its members.

The University of Toronto Astronomy Public Tours

The U of T Astronomy Public Tours, or AstroTours, is a series of free monthly events operated by the graduate students of the U of T Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics. The Tours feature a public lecture by a member of the Department on topics ranging from their research to great moments in astronomical history. Following the lecture, tour-goers can peer at the night sky through the Department’s balcony and dome telescopes, or watch a planetarium show run live by astronomer. For more information, please head over to


startalk logo The Star Spot partners with The StarTalk® podcast network, which bridges the intersection between science, pop culture and comedy with clarity, humour and passion. Through their various shows, they explore captivating subjects such as space travel, extra-terrestrial life, the Big Bang, the role science plays in people’s lives, the future of our Earth and the environment, the science behind the most iconic sports plays in history, and breaking news from the universe.

The Rexdale Community Hub Summer of Innovation Camp

rexdale2 Rexdale Community Hub Summer of Innovation Camp for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The Star Spot has partnered with the camp to bring our host Justin Trottier in to give presentations on astronomy and space to youth. For more information, please head over to

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