Past Episodes

Episode 1: Images of New Worlds, with David Lafreniere

Episode 2: Life, the Universe and Everything, with Dan Falk

Episode 3:  Exploring Saturn, with Carolyn Porco

Episode 4: The Afterlives of Stars, with Victoria Kaspi

Episode 5: The Transit of Venus, with Jay Pasachoff

Episode 6: Zooniverse and Citizen Science: How 300,000 People Became Astronomers, with Chris Lintott

Episode 7: The Business of Space Exploration, with Chuck Black

Episode 8: The Physics of Astronomy, with Maten Van Kerkwijk

Episode 9: Ancient Egyptian Astronomy, with Sarah Symons

Episode 10: The Illusion of Time? With Julian Barbour

Episode 11: The James Webb Space Telescope: Building the Successor to Hubble, with Neil Rowlands

Episode 12: Quasars: Clues to the Ancient Universe, with Patrick Hall

Episode 13: Ancient Aliens, Astrology, and Pseudoastronomy with Guy P. Harrison

Episode 14: Particle Physics and its Cosmological Implications, with Wendy J. Taylor

Episode 15: Sharing a Passion for Astronomy, with John Percy

Episode 16: Curiosity on Mars, with Ralf Gellert

Episode 17: The Mysterious Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, with Leo Meyer

Episode 18: Hosting the World’s Longest Running Science Show, with Bob McDonald

Episode 19: Gravity Waves: Opening a New Window on the Cosmos, with Luis Lehner

Episode 20: A Universe From Nothing? With Lawrence Krauss

Episode 21: The Great Stories of Science, with Stuart Clark

Episode 22: Magnetism: Probing Planets and Searching for Life, with Sabine Stanley

Episode 23: Studying the Universe’s Large Scale Structure from the South Pole, with Keith Vanderlinde

Episode 24:  Atmospheres & Signs of Life on Planets Beyond Our Solar System, with Sara Seager

Episode 25: Past Life and Humanity’s Future on Mars, with Dr. Chris Mckay

Episode 26: Exposing the Many Faces of Planet X, with Stuart Robbins

Episode 27: The Birth and Death of Stars: Clusters, Supernovae & Gamma-Ray Bursts, with Chris Matzner

Episode 28: A Current in Space Interregnum

Episode 29: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, with Seth Shostak

Episode 30: Hacking the Future of Space Exploration, ft. the International Space Apps Challenge

Episode 31: Branding the Space Industry in the 21st Century, with Laila Zichmanis

Episode 32: The Space Between the Stars, with Christopher McKee

Episode 33: But What is Space Anyway? A Philosopher’s Eye on Astronomy, with James Robert Brown

Episode 34: The Intimate Relationship Between Galaxies and Dark Matter, with Anne-Marie Weijmans

Episode 35: Chasing Comets, with David Levy

Episode 36: Quantum Computing: Space Science Meets Science Fiction, with Martin Laforest

Episode 37: Organized Activism for Space Exploration, with Wayne Ellis

Episode 38: Hunting Extraterrestrials, with Jill Tarter

Episode 39: Return to the Moon: Upcoming Rover Missions to the Lunar Surface, with Peter Visscher

Episode 40: Into Darkness: The Study of Dark Energy in the Universe, with Matt Dobbs

Episode 41: Astrobiology: The Search for Life’s Origins, with Paul Higgs

Episode 42: The Changing Neighborhood: Stars and their Galaxies, with Christine Wilson

Episode 43: A Brief Tour of Home, with Jim Bell

Episode 44: Art at the Final Frontier, with Catherine Hazin

Episode 45: Satellite Communication: The Technological Foundation of a Nation, with Peter Garland

Episode 46: A Space Travel Agent and A Space Journalist, with Leon Graafland and Elizabeth Howell

Episode 47: Quasars, Supernovae, Hypernovae and other Gamma Ray Exotica, with David Hanna

Episode 48: Science and Technology at the Cutting Edge of Exoplanet Research, with Olivier Guyon

Episode 49: Enduring Mysteries of the Early Universe, with Mark Halpern

Episode 50: Mapping Our Galactic Neighborhood: Dark Matter, Galactic Collisions & Our Local Sheet

Episode 51: Quasar Storms of the Early Universe, with Sarah Gallagher

Episode 52: Neutrino Geophysics: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Episode 53: Stump the Astronomer! at International Astronomy Day 2014 

Episode 54: The Astronomy of Shakespeare, with Dan Falk

Episode 55: Where Have All The Anti-Matter Gone?, with Scott Menary 

Episode 56: The Art of Astrononomy, with Robin Kingsburgh

Episode 57: Exoplanets: A Retrospective Survey and the Road Ahead, with Paul Delaney

Episode 58: The Mandate of Heaven: Ancient Chinese Astronomy, with David Pankenier

Episode 59: Brown Dwarfs: Super Planet or Failed Star?, with Stanimir Metchev

Episode 60: Building the Cities of our Universe, with Pauline Barmby

Episode 61: Molecules: Where Chemistry Meets Astronomy, with Jan Cami

Episode 62: Gardening the International Space Station, with Gioia Massa

Episode 63: The Dark Stringy Universe, with Jim Cline

Episode 64: Echoing Through Space, with Doug Welch

Episode 65: Bringing MRIs Into Space, with Gordon Sarty

Episode 66: Blue Stragglers: The Stars That Shouldn’t Exist, with Alison Sills

Episode 67: The Accelerating Universe, with Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt

Episode 68: Inspiring Images of the Cosmos, with Jayanne English

Episode 69: Dynamic Stars and Ubiquitous Disks: Part 1, with Aaron Sigut and Carol Jones

Episode 70: Dynamic Stars and Ubiquitous Disks: Part 2, with Aaron Sigut and Carol Jones

Episode 71: 2014: An Amazing Year for Space Exploration, with Kevin Shortt

Episode 72: The Changing International Landscape for Space Exploration, with Kevin Shortt

Episode 73: Things That Explode, with Christian Ott

Episode 74: The Disappearing Martian Atmosphere, with David Brain

Episode 75: Secrets From the Early Universe, with Marc Kamionkowski

Episode 76: Introducing the Thirty Metre Telescope, with Raymond Carlberg

Episode 77: Cosmic Magnetism, with Jo-Anne Brown

Episode 78: Robotic Explorers that Think for Themselves, with Raymond Francis

Episode 79: Governing Outer Space, with Lorna Jean Edmonds

Episode 80: Arecibo Telescope: Icon of Astronomy, with Robert Kerr and Jose Molina

Episode 81: Transcending Limits: Virtual Reality Meets Space Exploration, with Isaac DeSouza

Episode 82: The First Female Private Space Explorer, with Anousheh Ansari

Episode 83: The Hubble Telescope and Other Space History Milestones, with Chris Gainor

Episode 84: Canada’s First Astronaut, with Marc Garneau

Episode 85: The Cosmology Machine: Probing the Farthest Objects via the Keck Observatory, with Hilton Lewis

Episode 86: When the Universe Began, with Wendy Freedman

Episode 87: 147 Years of Astronomy Outreach, with Randy Attwood

Episode 88: Two’s Company: From Binary Stars to Binary Supermassive Black Holes, with Pawel Artymowicz

Episode 89: The Surprising Ubiquity of Ice in the Solar System and the Staggering Implications for Life, with David Paige

Episode 90: Discovering the Furthest Object in the Solar System, with Scott Sheppard

Episode 91: Monster Galaxies of the Early Universe, with Henry Joy McCracken

Episode 92: Inventing the Electric Solar Sail, with Pekka Janhunen

Episode 93: Will the Electric Sail Get Us to Deep Space? with Les Johnson

Episode 94: What Alien Intelligence Means for Humanity, with Don Lincoln

Episode 95: Galaxy Clusters: The Largest Structures in the Universe, with Gil Holder

Episode 96: Did Universe’s First Moments Set the Stage for Life?, with Fred Adams

Episode 97: Making Life in the Lab and Its Implications for Alien Hunting, with Lynn Rothschild

Episode 98: What Our Beliefs About Aliens Say About Us!, With Brian Trent

Episode 99: Pulsars and the Detection of Gravitational Waves, with Ingrid Stairs

Episode 100: The Monster at the Centre of our Galaxy, with Feryal Özel

Episode 101: The Great Terraforming Mars Debate – Part 1: The Science, with Paul Delaney

Episode 102: The Great Terraforming Mars Debate – Part 2: The Biology, with Olathe MacIntyre

Episode 103: The Great Terraforming Mars Debate – Part 3: The Ethics, with John Rummel 

Episode 104: The Great Terraforming Mars Debate – Part 4: The Dream, with Chuck Black 

Episode 105: Ad Astra?, with Zachary Fejes 

Episode 106: Is Our Solar System Unique? The Complex Process of Planetary Formation, with Aaron Boley

Episode 107: Surveying the Cosmos, with Ludovic Van Waerbeke

Episode 108: The Closest Exoplanet Could Be Habitable, with Guillem Anglada-Escudé

Episode 109: Rethinking Ancient Mayan Astronomy, with Gerardo Aldana

Episode 110: Peering into the Void, with Nico Hamaus

Episode 111: Can Supernovae Cause Extinctions!?, with Shawn Bishop

Episode 112: Geysers on Europa, with William Sparks

Episode 113: Astronomical Observatories of Ancient Britain, with Gail Higginbottom

Episode 114: The Milky Way’s Dark Matter Twin, with Roberto Abraham

Episode 115: Searching for Aliens with the World’s Biggest Telescopes, with Dan Werthimer

Episode 116: The Transit of Mercury, with Suzanna Nagy

Episode 117: The Universe is Going Green, with Matt Malkan

Episode 118: The Sun: Our Local Mystery, with Terry Kucera

Episode 119: From Knots to Donuts: Exotic Possibilities for the Shape of Our Universe, with Paul Sutter

Episode 120: When Galaxies Collide, with Gurtina Besla

Episode 121: Scary Resolutions to the Fermi Paradox, with David Kipping

Episode 122: What if the Sun had a Sibling?, with Quinn Konopacky

Episode 123: Dark Matter Bridging the Galaxies, with Michael Hudson

Episode 126: SpaceX: A New Paradigm for Space Exploration, with Chris Prophet 

Episode 124: The Best Candidate for Life, with Jason Dittmann

Episode 125: Galaxies at the Frontier of our Universe, with Dan Coe

Episode 126: SpaceX: A New Paradigm for Space Exploration, with Chris Prophet

Episode 127: When Day Becomes Night, with Dan Falk

Episode 128: A Shocking Theory About the Multiverse, with Dan Falk 

Episode 129: Building on Gravitational Wave Astronomy, with Danny Steeghs

Episode 130: There Are How Many More Comets?!, with James Bauer

Episode 131: Heavy Metal Explosion: The Rockstars of the Supernova World, with Matt Nicholl

Episode 132: Does Titan Harbour the Building Blocks of Life?, with Ravi Desai

Episode 133: Discovering an Asteroid Family Unchanged Since the Birth of the Solar System, with Marco Delbo

Episode 134: Searching for Aliens All-Sky All-the-Time, with Bill Diamond

Episode 135: Studying Cosmic Alchemy with Gravitational Waves, with Michael Landry

Episode 136: So You Want to Become an Astronaut?, with Cordell Grant

Episode 137: An Alien Asteroid in Our Solar System, with Alan Stern

Episode 138: Making Contact, with Jill Tarter

Episode 139: Can Alien Life Hitch a Ride on Space Dust?, with Arjun Berera

Episode 140: How Humans Are Healing the Ozone Hole… and Might Just Solve Other Environmental Problems, with Susan Strahan

Episode 141: The Mysterious Origin of Superpowerful Radio Blasts, with Jason Hessels

Episode 142: Jupiter Transformed, with Scott Bolton

Episode 143: Planet Hunting Goes Extragalactic, with Xinyu Dai

Episode 144: A Rough Upbringing: The Discovery of Stars in the Galaxy’s Core, with Farhad Yusef-Zadeh

Episode 145: Can Sibling Rivalry Explain This Supernova?, with Stuart Ryder

Episode 146: Supernovae and the Evolution of Life on Earth, with Brian Thomas

Episode 147: Postcards From Home

Episode 148: Does Canada Have a Vision for Space Exploration?, with Chuck Black

Episode 149: The Question of Life on Mars, with David Hamilton

Episode 150: At the Birth of Our First Newborn Planet, with André Müller

Episode 151: New Moons of Jupiter, with Scott Sheppard

Episode 152: Alien Viruses, with Ken Stedman

Episode 153: A Reality Check on Terraforming Mars, with Bruce Jakosky

Episode 154: The Vatican Observatory: Astronomy and Faith in the Modern World, with Cosette Gilmour

Episode 155: Artificial Photosynthesis: Taking the Sun on the Road, with Katharina Brinkert

Episode 156: The Do-It-Yourself Spacesuit, with Cameron Smith

Episode 157: How We Discovered That Blazars Cause Mysterious Cosmic Rays, with Darren Grant

Episode 158: Telling Space Stories, with Rayna Slobodian

Episode 159: Living on the Edge: Are We On the Boundary of an Expanding Universe?, with Ulf Danielsson

Episode 160: Boom to Bust Part 1: Before the Beginning, with Katrin Heitmann

Episode 161: The Boom Time of the Universe, with Rosemary Wyse

Episode 162: The End is Nowhere Near Night, with Fred Adams

Episode 163: The Ring Worlds of Saturn, with Bonnie Buratti

Episode 164: Jupiter’s Ancient Odyssey, with Simona Pirani

Episode 165: Landing on Europa, with Cynthia Phillips

Episode 166: Nanodiamonds are Forever, with Jane Greaves

Episode 167: Current in Space + The Best of The Star Spot: Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt

Episode 168: Celebrating Apollo + Science at the Limits (Part 1)

Episode 169: Science at the Limits (Part 2)

Episode 170: The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts, with Vikram Ravi

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