Episode 18: Hosting the World’s Longest Running Science Show, with Bob McDonald

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Featured Guest: Bob McDonald

BobMcDonald_close_2_HiRes-thumb-3359x2518-144294The Star Spot is excited to announce a new development: video. Today’s episode of The Star Spot also features a special video edition which has been posted here as well as on our recently launched YouTube channel, “TheStarSpotTV

The video features the interview with today’s guest, Bob McDonald, as well as coverage of the 50 year anniversary celebration of the launch of Alouette 1, Canada’s first space satellite, the event at which Bob’s interview was conducted. We invite you to check out the video and subscribe to our new channel. Older episodes of our program will also be posted there in the near future.

About Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald is Canada’s best known science journalist. A long standing fixture on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and host of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks which draws half a million listeners each week, Bob McDonald is the author of the book Measuring the earth with a stick: science as I’ve seen it, which was short listed for the Canadian Science Writers’ Association Book Award. He is the the recipient of a variety of awards for science communication, including the 2005 McNeil Medal for the public awareness of science from the Royal Society of Canada and the 2001 Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion from the National Science and Engineering Research Council. The university drop out who wound up with 6 honorary doctoral degrees – and counting – sits down with Justin Trottier to discuss how unique opportunities have shaped his life, the value of story telling in selling science, and his experiences on the CBC.


CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks

Speaker’s Spotlight

Bob McDonald is passionate about sharing science

Measuring the Earth With a Stick (Amazon.ca)

Alouette 1 and 2 (Canadian Space Agency)

Alouette 1: Celebrating 50 Years of Canada in Space (SpaceRef)

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