Episode 46: A Space Travel Agent and A Space Journalist, with Leon Graafland and Elizabeth Howell

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Feature Guests: Leon Graafland and Elizabeth Howell

howellleon_graaflandOn today’s episode of The Star Spot we conclude our coverage of the 2013 Canadian Space Summit with special back to back feature interviews. First we’re joined by Leon Graafland, a space travel agent with the Adventure Travel Company. Looking for the ride of your life? Leon can sign you up for a space mission and turn you into an astronaut. And once you do, our second guest, space journalist Elizabeth Howell, will want to interview you. Elizabeth will take us to the front lines, from conversations with astronauts to coverage of ground breaking exploration missions


Current in Space

We worry we won’t find habitable extrasolar planets. But could many planets end up being more habitable than Earth? Dave explains why Super Earths might turn out to be Super habitable? Then Benjamin describes new techniques to probe the interior of asteroids.

About Our Guests

Leon Graafland is Adventure Travel Specialist with the Adventure Travel Company in Toronto. Leon has lived in Holland, Peru, Canada and South Africa and he’s visited some 60 additional nations. He’s a globe trotter and he’ll set you up with travel to exotic epic destinations like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest, and Antarctica. And if this world isn’t enough, he’ll also sell you a trip into space.

Elizabeth Howell is a space, science and business reporter. She lists among her most impressive feats covering three space shuttle missions, interviewing astronauts while in space, and meeting all the Star Trek captains. She writes for Space.com, Universe Today, Live Science and other publications, and is currently working towards a PhD in Aerospace Sciences at the Univerity of North Dakota.


The Adventure Travel Company

The Adventure Travel Company: Final Frontier

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