Episode 63: The Dark Stringy Universe, with Jim Cline

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Feature Guest: Jim Cline


Dark matter. Dark energy. String theory. At the frontiers of fundamental physics science seems confronted with mystery and progress is grinding to a halt. But can studying the early universe provide the answer? To help answer that question we’re joined at The Star Spot by Jim Cline. We’ll dive into esoteric concepts like string cosmology and cosmic strings, lumps of massively energetic space time fault lines left theorized to be left over from the Big Bang.


Current in Space

Denise shares an update on the voyage of comet Siding Spring, followed by a stargazer’s report for the coming weeks.

About our Guest

Jim Cline is professor of theoretical and particle cosmology at McGill University. He works at the intersection of cosmology and fundamental physics, studying the cosmic microwave background radiation, dark matter, and particle physics coming out of the large hadron collider. He received his phd from Caltech and performed his postdoc at Ohio State University before joining the faculty at McGill University in Montreal in 1995.


McGill University webpage

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics talk on Nonabelian Dark Matter

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