Episode 81: Transcending Limits: Virtual Reality Meets Space Exploration, with Isaac DeSouza

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Feature Guests: Isaac DeSouza

isaac2The distances and challenges we face in space exploration are daunting, but what if we could transcend our technological and even our human limitations? Meet the next generation virtual reality. Want to travel to far off worlds or even worlds of the past? Maybe visit the ISS or engage in a little space diving?

Today we’re joined at The Star Spot by Isaac DeSouza who can help you explore anywhere and any when you want – on your cell phone. We’ll discuss a technology that promises to change everything, yet could there be dangers ahead?


Current in Space

The Large Hadron Collider is back to work. Anuj tells us how at double the energy the search is on to find supersymmetry, dark matter and other particle exotica. And will exotic new modes of transportation help us explore the solar system? Dave shares plans for a glider to fly over the skies of Mars.

About Our Guest

Isaac DeSouza is Chief Technology Officer at the San Francisco based startup SpaceVR. He has previously worked at the Planetary Instrumentation Lab for projects with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA. While studying space engineering at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University he was part of a Rover Team that won the NASA Lunabotics Challenge and the Mars Society’s University Rover Challenge. He is now part of the Planetary Exploration Instrumentation Laboratory research team studying the formation of Near Earth Asteroids.


Video:  Rocks, Robots and Revolutions in Space: Isaac De Souza at TEDxYorkU

Lyndsay Crump and Isaac De Souza: Exceptional students with outstanding visions.

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